walnut wood,
acrylic glas,
metal fitting


    Container is an Installation consisting of a Lego model containership made of glazed porcelain and a vending machine made of hickory wood and acrylic glass, which is filled with 3 cm big porcelain reproductions of lego stones. The front glass is scratched from the inside with the letters “there is no sea behind this city.” This glass is exchangeable and is adjusted to every new exhibition space.

The visitor is implicitly invited to autono- mously buy a porcelain lego stone from the machine for one euro. Through this action, the work investigates the initiation process by which, as a child, one autonomously enters into the world of exchange of goods for money.
The materiality of porcelain in globalized, and modularized market holds further symbolic value as it is not only historically charged with being a long traded commodity but also by the characteristics of the material itself. It is both extremely hard and fragile at the same time. It can‘t be scratched but it easily brakes when hit. 
    Container was shown at Rundgang 2017 at Städelschule, Frankfurt.

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